The Beautiful Brain

Cerebral_lobes from Gutenberg EncyclopediaThe Beautiful Brain ~ at the juncture of art and neuroscience

“The site illuminates new questions about creativity, the mind of the artist, and the mind of the observer that modern neuroscience is helping us to answer, or at least to provide part of an answer. Instances where art seeks to answer questions of a traditionally scientific nature are also of great interest, and for that reason you will hear from artists as well as scientists on The Beautiful Brain.”


Elle the Kitty Cat, artisan

Delighted with pins & pendants gift from @ellethekittycat – love Morpheus, & of course a squirrel! Website: This was a nice surprise in the mail! She is an artisan in Canada who had sent along some goodies to share at Radcon. She sent these as a thank you for the support (so Cass, you get your pick since you helped!). BTW: She takes requests when possible to handcraft a pin or pendant to your liking. Simple, clever, and unique.

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