The following is a brief selection of media produced.



Preparing Students for the Future. SEEN Magazine. March 2010.

Learning Model Research [PDF]: Survey of Research for the Personalized Education Learning Model and Applications for the CMA School of Arts & Sciences.  T.C. Excell. 2010.

What About Socialization? Family Balancing Act Radio. July 24, 2011.

Eclectic HomeschoolingHolistic Health Insider. September 15, 2011.



Unleashing the Power of Student Voice, BAM! Radio

Episode 2:  Tamra Excell on Personalized Education. Transforming Education Podcast by Mark Guay.

Millennials & Parents in Constant Communication. Wall Street Journal. July 30, 2013.


Personal Video & Audio

Dyslexia and Dysgraphia – Webinar. Teamed up with Britannie Bates, and brought in an author friend – Phil Brucato – and my daughter Cass (yes, the same one in the post Why So Pushy?“).

Homeschooling Quickstart – Webinar. Whether you are researching options or find yourself suddenly a homeschooler and scrambling, this webinar gives you a place to get started, help you avoid common pitfalls, and be prepared to answer common questions (what about socialization? college? the real world?).

Evaluating Education Options – Webinar. How do you get straight answers, avoid bait and switch, and determine what options are best for your child?  Whether you’re interested in online or offline, public or private, or homeschooling or unschooling — this conversation is for you.

Personalizing Personalized Learning – Webinar. This could have been three, maybe six, webinars. It gathers several key issues into one presentation. Contact me if you want to talk about any of these in more detail.

Time Management for the Productive Soul – Webinar. Cohosted with Julie Radachy.

Fear -vs- You – this would be me being exasperated.

Err on the Side of Compassion – Teachers were reacting to an article about a former student who had been raped before she came to us, who had not told anybody until after she left us. Nobody knew…



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