Survey of Research for the Personalized Education Learning Model

10347725_910761262297332_4050272276457219030_nI am often asked about what led to the creation of CMASAS, and more eagerly, what the secret is to having such an extraordinarily high student success rate.  The journey that led to the creation of the school is an interesting but long story that I have shared elsewhere. Here I would like respond to that second part by offering you the recipe that makes CMASAS so successful.

This document is comprised of segments that were published in various forms prior to 2010, and these were then compiled for CMASAS accreditation purposes – with some of the nomenclature adjusted to meet the needs of accreditation at that time (e.g. a section retitled “rigor” – which would be retitled yet again today).  You are getting the version as presented to that original accreditation team.

Some of the research out there has since shifted, especially in discussing learning styles versus preferences. If I wrote this today, I would make several edits and additions. It’s been a joy to incorporate new research-based strategies and tools for personalizing learning over the years.

However, the philosophy was mindfully designed for longevity, intended to serve beyond my own lifetime, and hopefully much longer. It is the heart. Everything CMASAS does must be in support of – or at least not contrary to – the philosophy. If you really want to understand why CMASAS students are so successful, this is it. If you read only one section, read this part.

Also note that the learning model – based on this philosophy – also remains in its original form with just some changes in wording (e.g. educational facilitator – a mentoring role – is called a personalized education coach at the time of this writing). This learning model is just one way to apply the philosophy, and it is a good one, but feel free to imagine other possibilities. If you catch me at a conference, or are one of those wanting to partner with CMASAS to create your own program, feel free to share your ideas.

And here is why I want you to share these ideas:

Remember that journey mentioned above? And how it’s a long, interesting story?  That story isn’t over yet. The next step is to share the philosophy and explore learning models, and to work with others who want to join the journey. Will that include you?

With that said, here that original recipe – the research behind the learning model. Feel free to share and invite others to join us.

Your fellow explorer,


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