The Talented Lee Moyer

K Wiley and Lee Moyer

K Wiley and Lee Moyer

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Lee Moyer in recent months. I enjoyed visiting with him and learning about his work, and continue to enjoy interacting with him and watching his projects come to life – so much so that I find myself inspired to share some links to Lee’s work for those of you who might not yet be aware of him and his art.

In visiting his website, be sure to check out the Small Gods collection, including one of Amanda Palmer as the God of Asking. Lee also created a clever nudie pen for Amanda Palmer, related to her response the the Daily Mail publishing a picture of her breast “escaping.” Considering Lee’s famous line of Pin-up Art, it’s not surprising that Amanda would select him for this project.

My favorite section is Process (under Delights) where you can get a hint of the process that goes into the creation of a product.


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