Time to end the war on drugs

Result of decriminalizing drugs, and shifting “managing dependency under the Ministry of Health rather than the Ministry of Justice”: “Portugal has the lowest rate of lifetime marijuana use in people over 15 in the EU: 10%. The most comparable figure in America is in people over 12: 39.8%, Proportionally, more Americans have used cocaine than Portuguese have used marijuana.”

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Are You Catching Other People’s Emotions?

“Research has shown that emotions can be contagious, you can potentially “catch” fear, anger, or joy from people without realizing it. Dr. Orloff explains how to strategically bolster positive emotions so you don’t shoulder negativity that doesn’t belong to you.” ~ Dr. Judith Orloff Are you an emotional empath?

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Ready for a zombie apocalypse? CDC has advice

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a big, serious government agency with a big, serious job: protecting public health from threats ranging from hurricanes to bird flu.” And now we can add zombie apocalypse to the list.

As the reasoning goes, if you are ready for a zombie apocalypse, you should be ready for just about anything.  Rather brilliant, that.

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