Millennials & Parents in Constant Communication

Click here to link to WSJ page with video if the video below doesn’t work for you. Cass and I started our morning giving our perspective on using texting and chatting (e.g. Skype and Google Chat) to communicate.  The concerns expressed by the host were that these forms of communication could be intrusive or promote “helicopter parenting” — which after reading about some of the other families, I can see why. What are your thoughts?


Did You Know 3.0

Did You Know? 3.0 ~ Have to wonder, where is all of this heading? Ever wonder if something will “give” and we take a step back,or in yet another direction? Change has continued, exponentially, since this was made. Look at the stats on MySpace; where would FB rank today in comparison? And what if MySpace successfully “relaunches?” BTW: there are many “spoofs” out there on this video, giving inaccurate statistics. 

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